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Ambient V-Station Presets

Price $0.00$ Label. Hymov Loops
Size Pack 1.2 MB
Sound Sets 100 - Cubase Formats
Type / Tags Analog / Subtractive Synth - Free Vst Patch Pack
Image Product / Description
Ruben hymov releases a new ambient soundset collection. it is a 100 patches sound bank available for Novation V-Station synth.

these soundset contains mostly lead / sound effects and arpigiator presets (about 40-50 presets), the second part has warm pad and texture soundsets (about 20 presets) and the rest is filled with bell, keyboard and acid ambient sounds.

this sound bank is suited almost for all kind of Electronic Ambient Music genres (dark, psybient, psy chillout and more). V-Station patches supplied in 2 formats: fxp format and cubase vst prerset format. we don't want you to pay for this package it is free, just the sharing this page on your blogs, social networking or publishing it on your sites.

Mp4 demo:
Synth presets demo V-Station; made by the sound designer himself with no external effects for getting a real sound like it 100% from the package.

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